I have a reasonable love for cats …

The cat is the best friend of the artists. He fascinates us, and we, the artists, pay tribute to him, and he becomes an indispensable friend during moments of solitude and creation.

I love cats. They have been part of my life since birth and I think I have a symbiotic and mystical connection to them.

The cat is an inexhaustible subject since ancient times. So, I want to mention the cats I have the honor to share life.

I like their independence, I like their freedom, I like that they do not support the familiarity. I like their athletic flexibility and elegance of the aesthetic, I love their tenderness and their desire to be loved as they are, with their selfishness and laziness, with their beauty, that their presence and their confidence they sometimes we do, be a gift.

So I propose a walk in a field of the cat at his side, such as a free companion, a partner and not a pet or domesticated, rather the partner and friend.