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Terms and conditions


BEFORE ORDERING: Please read the terms and conditions (regarding commissioning) on this page.


The prices, rates and offers provided on this page or in the store of this site, are for personal / private use commissions only.

For Business and Commercial Use commissions, please contact me by email, [email protected] for more information.



The commission style is the basic illustration of your commission.

Commission style prices exclude animation costs.

– Line Art – Line art is characterized by the using of bare lines (coarse or thin) without any shadow.

– Simple Coloured – This style is characterized by the using of flat colours without any shadows

– Detailed Semi-Realistic – The main characteristics of this style are complementary colours with shadows.

– Realistic Digital Painting – It is a realistic pictorial style of portraits (human or animal), interior and nature scenes. This style is characterized by the using of complex colours with shades.

– Digital Illustration – Illustration is usually done in a semi-realistic or realistic style to capture the mood of a scene, using shadows and highlights, with or without a character.

– Animation (optional) – Animations are an optional addition to the basic commission. Animation of a single movement (of rain, snow or light).

Light animation. Animations with minimal and subtle movement, 3/4 objects/elements moving simultaneously.

Intensive animation. Animations composed of several types of subtle and visible movements. 5/6 objects/elements moving  simultaneously.

Complex animation. Animations with complex movements, 7/8 objects/elements moving simultaneously.



TO ORDER personalized digital artwork from the photos of your choice :

 1. Choose the commission style or option you prefer (see examples), animation (optional), your ideas and reference images (if you have one) :

– Line Art

– Simple Coloured

– Detailed Semi-Realistic

– Realistic Digital Painting

– Pet (4 styles)

– Portrait (4 styles)

– Digital Illustration

– Animation (If you would like an animation of your commission, please send me an email to discuss the details of the animated commission.)(see examples)

2. After choosing your commission style, you can add details in the “Personalization tabs” of the form here, in particular: number of characters, background, extra modification, text, etc.

3. Pay for your selected item.

4. Send me a high resolution photo (preferably 300dpi/ppi) of your choice to illustrate to my email address: [email protected] 

5. Once the order has been placed, I will send you a copy of the first step for approval and validation within 48-72 hours (business days). I will keep you constantly updated at every step (shown in the list below) and I am always open to your comments.

Here are all the main steps of the commission process: sketch, line art, colour palette selection, painting, animation (optional).


You can only request changes on parts ordered in the current step.

6. Once the illustration is approved and validated, I will send the digital files in PDF or PNG or JPEG format and mp4 format (for animation) to your email address.



It takes 4 weeks (weekends not included) from the time the order is validated (the completion time may vary depending on the request).

NOTE : I do not accept commission requests with deadlines less than 4 weeks from the day you send me the email with your commission request and after discussing the details and ideas of the commission with you.

If you want a commissioned artwork for a specific date, please contact me at least 4 weeks before the desired day.



*** Each illustration is a unique creation subject to copyright ; As an artist, I will keep the copyright of the commissioned pieces.

*** Its purchase does not transfer copyright in any way, nor does it give you the right to commercial use. (If you want to order for commercial use / for commercial purposes, please send me an email.)

*** It is prohibited to modify, resell or distribute it for commercial purposes.

***  As I retain all the rights to commissioned artwork, and you as a customer, you may only post if credit is given back to my  site/Instagram.

*** You cannot claim commissioned artwork as your own.



  • This item is a digital file, please note that you will not receive any physical prints with the purchase of an illustration!
  • Illustrations are representations of images, so that it is as close as possible to your photo it must be of good quality.
  • The more people in the photos, the more the price increases.
  • Animals are considered as a person.
  • Due to the digital nature of this product, no refund will be made.
  • I don’t refund if the job is done. However, to avoid this, throughout the creation work, you can ask for progress plans at any stage of the process, and you will have the option to request changes (for a fee) in the first 3 stages.
  • If we are still in the middle of the process and I cannot complete the job due to unforeseen circumstances, you will have the option of getting the files of the work I did with a remaining refund or a full refund, but no files to submit.
  • I will not start the commission until you have paid me full price or half price. If you decide to pay half first, I will only work for half the price, and I will only continue until I get paid the remaining half.
  • Payments will only be made via invoices on my site (PayPal or Stripe).
  • Note: requests for changes (more than one) will incur additional costs for the customer.

You can then print it at home or at a printer of your choice, in case of technical constraints do not hesitate to contact me!

Be careful, colours may vary depending on your screen or printer.

If you have doubts about choosing your photo or questions about anything, feel free to send email to me or a message via my website.

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Thank you very much for your visit.

Looking forward to sharing with you! And see you soon!

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