The need to start from scratch, on a new basis, with a new project at the beginning of the New Year, is a deeply human attitude. It’s a good time to send our best wishes to our loved ones.
Nobody misses in this commitment to wish others what we hope for ourselves.
I also like to send greeting cards to my family and my clients.

There are many ways to send greetings, but the most enduring and elegant way is to send an original greeting card, handcrafted by an artist, in which you can write your wishes.
You can also send personalized greeting cards printed.

This is the best time to express our best wishes and especially the perfect time to confess our deepest feelings to our loved ones.

Here you will find a small series of greeting cards : Christmas and New Year, made by myself. You can also order a unique card that I will only do for you.

This series includes 5 original watercolor cards of 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 in).
At once, these cards can be used as greeting cards and also to be framed as small paintings.