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Here you can find my paintings, sculptures and design objects, with a blog about different art techniques and tips, messages and videos about how I created my work, inspiration, sources and other information related to my quest to continue to learn and create that inspires me and hopefully others.


ATC or ACEO? What’s that weird thing?

ATC or ACEO? What's that weird thing? These are miniature works of art to exchange or collect, small cards of 64 mm x 89 mm (2.5 "x 3.5"). ATC has a long history, the first artist cards appeared with the miniature portraits of the 17th century, they became...

Greetings cards

The need to start from scratch, on a new basis, with a new project at the beginning of the New Year, is a deeply human attitude. It's a good time to send our best wishes to our loved ones.Nobody misses in this commitment to wish others what we hope for...

Sculpture Bronze

These materials used in sculpture are diverse, changing throughout history. The classic materials, with exceptional durability, are metal, especially bronze that is my favorite material.The oldest and most used technique for casting bronze is the technique...


I have a reasonable love for cats ...The cat is the best friend of the artists. He fascinates us, and we, the artists, pay tribute to him, and he becomes an indispensable friend during moments of solitude and creation.I love cats. They have been part of my life since...

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