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Who is she?

« MariAnna MO Warr is a sculptor and painter.
Born in Ukraine, in Kyïv (Kiev). Today, MariAnna MO Warr lives in France.
School of Music and Painting in Kyïv (Ukraine); school of Fine Arts in Saint-Petersburg (Russia); University in Kiev (Ukraine); art history in the Sorbonne Paris IV (France); sculpture’s studio in Moscow (Russia); technical training to foundry (France). »

« She is a Franco-Ukrainian artist, but she likes to say she is an itinerant artist. She likes experimenting and working various materials and in diverse styles.
Her favorite material is bronze. By infusing life to sculpture, She gives it a dose of vitality at the time of metamorphosis. It’s a breath of soul that awakens magical and imaginative world of forms.Through her journeys in the world, she participated in several international exhibitions ; her works are in private collections in several countries. »

Curriculum Arte

  • Permanent exhibition, Studio Gallery MARIANNA W., Nice (France)
  • Saatchi Art, International Gallery Online
  • Summer Art Fair, Dreem Street Gallery, Le Lavandou (France)
  •  Christmas Fair & Art Design Show, Dreem Street Gallery, Saint Tropez, (France)
  • Christmas Fair & Art Design Show, Dreem Street Gallery, Saint Tropez, (France)
  • Salon Decoration Art & Design, Nice, (France)
  • « South Wind », Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (Village), (France)
  • « the Canton International Art and Collection Fair 2013 », Guangzhou, Canton (China) 2013 Sept/Nov. : « La Femme 100 têtes », Nice (France)
  • « The South Wind » in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (Villige), (France)
  • « the Contemporary Art Fair in Guangzhou (Canton) Baiyun International Convention Center » Canton (China)
  • « Colors Symphony » Marseilles (France)
  • « Slavonic femininity », Nice (France)
  •  Permanent exhibition « The Imaginary World » in Studio Gallery « The Passion », Nice (France) with Christina Jagow.
  • « The Slavic artists of French Riviera » exhibition, Nice (France)
  • « Art Monaco 2012 », Monte Carlo (Monaco), Contemporary and modern art Show
  •  « Slavonic femininity », Nice (France)
  • Ukraine Week exhibition in Marseilles (France) under the patronage of the Ukraine Consulate in Marseilles (France).
1994 – Kiev, Ukraine
1995 – Warsaw, Poland
1996 – Krakow, Poland
1996 – Vienna, Austria
1997 – St. Petersburg, Russia
1997 – Kiev, Ukraine
1998 – Prague, Czech Republic
2001 – Dubrovnik, Croatia
2002 – Zagreb, Croatia
2002 – Florence, Italy
2003 – Budapest, Hungry
2004 – Moscow, Russia
2005 – St. Petersburg, Russia
2006 – Moscow, Russia
2007 – Pec, Hungry
2008 – Moscow, Russia
  • School of Music and Painting in Kyïv (Ukraine)
  • School of Fine Arts in Saint-Petersburg (Russia);
  • University in Kyïv (Ukraine);
  • Art history in the Sorbonne Paris IV (France);
  • Sculpture’s studio in Moscow (Russia);
  • Technical training to foundry (France);
  • CNFDI, webmaster-web-designer (France).

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